Newburyport PTO

Our Volunteer Board is made up of teachers and parents with kids at the Bresnahan, Molin and Nock Schools. To help us reach our mission. The Excecutive Board includes three (3) Parents VP’s and three (3) Teacher VP’s (and their alternates) – one from each school. These VP’s serve as advocates for your child’s school and to help organize social events along with three (3) school specific social chairs.

BOARD 2019/2020

President – Solen Moriarty
Vice President – Melissa Potter
Treasurer – Pam San Antoino
Assistant Treasurer – Shannon Cormier
Cultural Enrichment Chairs – Joanna Fernandez/Andrea Eigerman
Communications Chair – Amanda Bugli
Secretary – Christine Cioffi
PreK/K Vice Presidents – Amy Leblanc/Open
Grades 1-3 Vice Presidents – Morgan Bosselli/Kristen Marroncelli
Molin Vice President – Melanie Beaulier, Adriana Kosten
Nock Vice Presidents – Katie Suchecki/Alex Choir
PreK/K Teacher Representatives – Lisa Mosquera/Laura Bouchard
Grades 1-3 Teacher Representative – Jill Grelle
Molin Teacher Representative – Anne Enaire
Nock Teacher Representative – Jen Groskin/Brenda Palmisano


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