Build Our Kids Success

BOKS Sessions

Bresnahan School - Monday/Wednesday Mornings (10 Weeks)

Molin School- Tuesday and Thursday Mornings (10 Weeks)

BOKS (Build Our Kids Success) is a before school exercise program from Reebok that helps kids kick-start their brains before school. This morning program is fun and gives kids a body and brain boost to prepare them for a day of learning. The program helps children gain an appreciation of the benefits of exercise and healthy choices that will last a lifetime. Studies provided by Reebok have shown that BOKS kids test scores improve as well as their fitness levels. The class is 50 minutes long, starts with a fun warm-up game, running activity; relay races, obstacle courses and strength movements, a fun game and a cool down with a BOKS Bit–a quick nutrition tip before heading off to class. Give your kids a fun body and brain boost to start their day. Kim Patrick will lead the sessions at both school along with Jana Schulson at the Bresnahan and a TBD Trainer at the Molin. For more information on the BOKS program and proven results visit

Bresnahan School (Grades K, 1, 2, and 3): Meets on Monday and Wednesday Mornings. In the gym or outside at the Bresnahan school.

Molin School (Grades: 4 and 5): Meets on Tuesday and Thursday Mornings. In the gym and moving outside or in the auditorium (in bad weather).

Schedule: mornings BEFORE SCHOOL from 7:10am-8:05am for 10 weeks.

The cost is $70 per child for 10 weeks (20 classes) beginning the week of 3/6 and ending the week of 5/15.

Maximum # of participants: First 40 children at each school to sign up and pay through the online payment system here.

Please note: Parents will be responsible for transporting their children to school for this program. In past sessions, many families have set up car-pools with other kids in their neighborhoods.

Please feel free to contact Kim Patrick, Lead Trainer for BOKS Newburyport, at if you have any questions about the program.